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   Fieldstone Retirement Farm for horses was inspired from the book entitled "Black Beauty" written by Anna Sewell and first published in 1877. This book tells the remarkable story of a beautiful black horse in England when horses were used for transportation. Black Beauty tells his own story from the time he was foaled, trained and passed through many owners being used as a carriage horse, until overuse left him too broken down to be useful any more. Finally, at a horse fair where he was put up for sale, he was rescued by a kindly Farmer, who took him to recover on shady pastures until he is resold to a good home. Just as Black Beauty gratefully enjoyed the gentle exercise of Farmer Thoroughood's

green pastures to be restored to usefulness, the horses of Fieldstone Farm are enjoying their retirement without ever worrying who might buy them and put them back to hard work or worse yet, send them to the glue factory. Created by William H. Thompson, Fieldstone caters to what horses really want. Plenty of fresh green grass and shade trees in the summer and plenty of hay and grain with shelter in the winter. Five separate pastures, each with loafing sheds for winter weather protection and with fans for summer gives horses the freedom to wander the pastures and make friends. If Black Beauty had had a wish list for his retirement, Fieldstone Farm offers everything he could have wanted.
The Gentle Touch of Fieldstone
  • Perpetual lifetime care for one time donation or monthly boarding.
  • Gradual adaptive system for new arrivals who need a friend.
  • Pasture grazing with loafing sheds with fans for fly protection.
  • Frequent veterinary and blacksmith check-ups.
  • A kinder alternative to selling your faithful old horse.
  • Fieldstone Farm is a not-for-profit tax deductible foundation.
  • Equine cemetery on the farm.
  • Our goal is to cater to horses returned to their natural life style of
    grassland pastures with supplementary grain and hay.

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