Horses on the Horizon
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   Have you ever wondered what happened to that favorite horse you used to own? Has it worried you that some of the horses you bred might have been destroyed?

   Here at Fieldstone Farm we offer a well-deserved retirement for these horses who gave their owners so much joy. Current operations are helped by the generosity of owners who care about their horses's final years. With good care these horses are living longer and the farm is rapidly reaching capacity. Fortunately the farm is surrounded by hundreds of acres of unused cattle pastures all fenced with plentiful water. Land prices are still affordable but won't last long with St. Louis developers on the horizon.

   We are willing to expand with larger pastures but Fieldstone Farm Foundation needs more funds to purchase additional acreage so it can continue to accept horses into its program. We welcome tax deductible donations for this effort from individuals or businesses.

   All land and facilities are purchased in the name of Fieldstone Farm Foundation and remain dedicated to the care of retired horses.

   To review ways you can help, please click on the Contributions Page.

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