How to Choose a Removals Company

When it comes to hiring a removals company, you need to choose the right one for your requirements. There are a number of things you should consider, such as the Public Liability insurance and quality of staff. You also need to take into consideration the price. These tips will help you choose the best removals company for your needs.

Quality of staff 이사비용

Before choosing a removals company, you need to consider the quality of its staff. Most companies do not take staff loyalty seriously and view them as expendable resources. Therefore, they do not provide incentives to remain with the company for long. Unregulated companies often hire their staff on a cash in hand or ad hoc basis. The lack of training and incentives to stick with a company makes it an industry where staff are not particularly valued.

Size of lorry

If you’re planning a move, it’s vital to know the size of the lorry your removals company will use. This will allow you to arrange for parking permits and to have enough space on moving day. You should also ask about the size of the shipping containers if needed – especially if you’re moving overseas. A removals van of this size can accommodate belongings from a two-bedroom house.

For the most bulky home moves, you may want to consider an 18-tonne removal truck. This large vehicle has barn doors on both sides and is equipped with ramps on the back and side. This is the workhorse of the removals industry, and while it may be a bit tricky to get close to your house, it can be a great way to transport your belongings.

If you’re moving to a one-bedroom flat or a terraced house, a 3.5-tonne Luton van may be sufficient. But if you’re moving to a four-bedroom family home, you’ll need a larger vehicle. A 7.5-ton lorry is the most common size for removals in London.

Public Liability insurance

Public Liability insurance is important for any business, and a removals company should be no exception. This type of insurance covers damages and injuries to the public, as well as damage to property. It also covers employers’ liability and vehicle insurance. As a result, it is very important for a removals company to obtain this insurance, even if it does not employ anyone.

Removals companies earn money by carefully transporting their customers’ possessions. If an accident happens, they can incur large bills. This type of insurance helps protect your business from huge costs. For example, if a worker damages or breaks someone’s expensive vase, the removals company will be liable for repairs and replacement.

When it comes to determining the level of liability coverage, you should read the terms and conditions. A removal company should have a contract in writing outlining the level of protection it provides its customers. If it does not, you can always demand a written contract.


There are several factors that affect the price of a removals company. These factors vary depending on your requirements and location. The best way to get a good idea of the price is to request multiple quotes. You should ask for as many as six quotes so that you can compare them and decide on the best price.